POSTED ON: January 19, 2016 - 6:45 PM

Dean Wilson and his Toyota of Escondido Action Sports Team Tundra.

Dean Wilson and his Toyota of Escondido Action Sports Team Tundra.

Red Bull KTM’s Dean Wilson had a great night at last weekend’s San Diego Supercross. The personable Scotsman earned the win in a stacked heat race, besting the likes of Trey Canard, Cole Seely, Eli Tomac and Justin Brayton en route to the second heat win of his 450cc career. Though Wilson suffered a terrible start in the main, his showing in the qualifier proved that he has the speed to be a top contender. We caught up with Dean today at the KTM Supercross track, where he was hammering away in search of a top finish this Saturday at Anaheim 2.

You had a solid night in San Diego.
The day was okay. I qualified sixth, then I won my heat race, but in the main I got a bad start and really never got into my groove, to be honest. For me, I would have liked to have been inside the top 10. I want to keep finishing in the top 10; I was off for a long time with injuries and for me that would be solid. It’s a long series and I want to finish it healthy and inside the top 10.


Did it feel amazing to be back at the races after so much time away?

Yeah, for sure. I was nice. When you’re off for so long, you really start to miss it. It is good to be back with the team, and I am really enjoying working with Tyla Rattray. It’s a shame because me and Jessy Nelson and Mitchell Oldenburg and Shane McElrath have all been working really hard, and then Jessy and Shane got hurt. I’ve been down that street and I know how that goes…it’s all part of it.

Among your team, you kinda flew under the radar in the pre-season hype since Dungey is the defending champ and Musquin was moving up…

Yeah, and to be honest it was kind of nice! I honestly didn’t even mind it. I wasn’t in the opening ceremonies, and I wasn’t invited to the press conference. There was no pressure on me. I feel like I should have won my heat race at A1 too, but I got cross-jumped by Vince Friese and landed on the tuff blocks. I got a bad gate pick in the main and a bad start, but I went from 17th to ninth, which is good. And then at San Diego it was a little bit opposite: I won my heat but then I sucked in the main. Once I put it all together it will be good!


The little victories add up, though…
Yeah! You’ve gotta crawl before you can walk. So I am almost walking.

Your San Diego heat race win was gnarly! Everyone was in it!
I came from fourth and knocked out a few good guys and got past them. I got into the lead and only had two or three laps to go because heat races aren’t that long. It felt good, though!